Welcome to the Food Frogs Restaurant Bar and Lounge

A limited NFT Collection where the token allows you access to the Marketplace with memberships and rewards

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Get unique digital collectibles Food Frogs.

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Will Be Minted and Sold

#NFT Cafetaria

NFT Cafeteria

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Food Frogs Road Map


Logo will launch

Launch 10000 NFT Food Frogs in Sept 2021

Samosa ThanosGlutten Free Bread Noble

8000 Male

2000 Female

Sold On ETH Blockchain

Food frogs holders will access to the Kitchen and special discounts on the Marketplace.

Smart contract for Male and Female breeding will begin. Holders who have a male and female will only qualify for breeding. Baby frogs will be airdropped into qualifying holders wallets after breeding is complete.

After breeding family frog members will have access to the back kitchen and the restaurant bar and lounge which features discounts and special rewards.


Smart Contract for is initiated. the worlds 1st NFT Food and Beverage Marketplace will launch.

Customers can purchase food and drinks from the NFT marketplace and eat and redeem them at their favorite restaurants and bars. Food, drinks, special menus, recipes, NFT parties, Catering, Event and Wedding packages will be sold on the marketplace.

rewards from the Marketplace will be split between Food Frog Holders.


of all Marketplace rewards will go to Food Frog Holders.


of all Marketplace rewards will go to Food Frog Family Holders.

(Meaning you own a Male, Female and baby food frog)


of all merchandise sold will go to Food Frog Holders.


of all merchandise sold will go to Food Frog Family Holders.

over 300
with exisiting
& bars around
the world

Fruit Astronaut

BYAC already has done over 70 million in rewards. So imagine if you could get 10 percent of those proceeds in rewards just for owning a Food Frog!!!!


Taco Sherif

Food Frog restaurants

will begin to launch in the USA

Food Frog restaurants will begin to launch in the USA.

Will launch partnerships with existing restaurants to carry special Food frog menus inside the restaurants. rewards from restaurant rewards will be distributed to Food Frog holders 5 percent to 10 percent.

Fast food and Formal dining restaurants will launch in 2022

Food Frog Vegan Cookbooks will launch in mid 2022

Food Frog Finder App will launch in mid 2022

Food frog Merchandise will launch and be sold on the Marketplace in 2022


Beanz RomanKing KebabEthereum Ice

Food Frogs video game and gaming app will launch in late 2022 to 2023

Food Frogs Movie will launch and 5 percent to 10 percent rewards will be split with Food frog holders in 2023

Food Frogs Specs

Each food frog is unique with over 296 programmed food traits. Which include Mouth expression, headwear, earrings, clothing, eyewear, hands, eyes, neckwear, and unique skin.

The Food Frogs are ERC-721 Token on Ethereums Blockchain and hosted on IPFS PRICE IS 0.10 ETH

Daddy SpaghettiMushroom KiddoCocktail Hero